tisdag 24 januari 2017

Photo Box mini Album

Today I am very pleased to share a Photo Box mini Album that I created for my baby girl that turned 6 on December 21st. Isabelle is crazy about Fairies and what is more perfect then to use Novembers Launch Fairy Land. This album has a place for 18 photos, but I am planing  to have only 9.
You can watch the Video further down in the post.

This how it looks when you open the box.  The inspiration and instructions you will find here:
I decided to use some of my Lavnia stamps with different silhuetts to creat more story and tFairy Land patterns are perfect for that combination.
 The other side (The inside of the box)
This is how it looks when it is been folded. About 2 cm wide. 

When it is folded it can be hidden inside the lock.

 Now you can see how it looks when it closed. I made a frame from clay and i used silicone form to make it. Inside the frame I used the word Believe from this Fairy kit. It included many meaningful sentiments for you to cut. Wonderful when you missing stamps with such great words or sentances.
The frame been hold by magnets.  And soon you will see how you can variate the placement for it.

When you fold the  Album into the box it looks like that.All the sides been hold by magnets. Inside I have put a note from Isabelles grandparents where it says She is getting a trip to Prague. Works perfect with "Believe" since she wished for some time to go on trip only with me, her mom.

 The lock of the cover lock can be lifted and it is magnets that holding it streight. Now I can  Have the frame on that top instead. I can even move it longer down since I put magnets on two spots.

The magical story is on the top of the lock.  I cutted Fairies from the paper pad that including many die cuts. Great for those that cant or does not like to color the stamps. It is many beautiful pictures of Fairies, Butterflies, Mushrooms, birds and much more. Unbelivable!

 The products I used: Fairy Land

Sometimes I am getting ideas after I already thought the project is done. When Isabelle recived the gift, so she asked me how come I didn't use all those pretty Sequins I was showing her the other day when I was organizing them into small cans.  So I thought what a great idea and added them on the fairies wings and grass.
 Look at the close up at the wings! Great idea from the 6 years old girl!

You can watch the video here:


Hope I could inspire you with this project.

Hugs,  Diana

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