lördag 29 april 2017

Easter slider card

Hey guys
Easter slider card is really fun to make. Here comes a tutorial.

You can check the VIDEO in the end of the post

I choose the Cardstock  for my background. the Whimsical paper pack including 2 gorgeous cardstock colours that matches the patterns.
I cut the CS size 26 cm x 17 cm.
I score at 12 cm, 24 cm just as you see on the picture. When I was done I glued the design paper on the part that will be front of my card.

I choosed this Stamp from Hänglar with my favorite Easter bunny and colored it with Distress markers. On the right you can see the die cuts from the Whimsical. I cut 2 pcs of the same die cut to make 3D design. After words I stamped happy Easter text.
Here you can see I tried to make it as if Bunny holding those beautiful flowers
I added some grass in few layers for the 3D design and cut this frame from the Whimsical. It comes few different postcards with different subjects. those you can cut and use as you wish.
Close up for the grass and the bunny.
Here I want to show you from the other side so you can see all those great layers and small details of die cuts. So cute.
Here I took trimmer and cut down a line . The line is about 12 cm long when it starts from about 3 cm on the top and 2 cm on the bottom. The you line up about 2 cm .
Then I had to make a "mechanism" to move the frame up.  So I took a slice of paper about 
2cm x 8 cm. On the top of the paper at the right end I used 3D pillow to fast the frame on. Flip over and put double side tape on the other side. This piece of paper slides in where we cut a slip so the 3D pillow shows on the front part of the card. Slide whole way down and 3D pillow just as close as it goes to the cutting line. Flip over and now you should glue the inside paper on the strip with double side tape. The paper in size of 11,4 cm x 16, 6 cm. I lined up with the top of the card. Now the paper can slide up and down to  show the secret message. O actually had the secret message at the bottom of the card since my Bunny was so big. Otherwise you can have the message on the inside paper that slides up and down. Free choice.
  Here is the strip so you can see from inside .
Here I punched the half circle  and then turn over the paper and punch same half circle on the other half... the back part of the card. Here you can see the glue on the left part that we scored before. So it is just to glue together and it will make the pocket.
 Here is the back of the card and I used the Sentiments from the Whimsical. and colored with copics and stamped  for some pattern.

The Front of the card 

 Here you can see the secret message when you pool the jute cord up.

The video you can check here
Thanks guys
See you later

torsdag 20 april 2017

Sneak peek Easter card

Hello my friends.
It is time for a teaser. Little sneak peek for my next post at Papericious.

I used one of my favorite Hänglar stamp for Easter and combined with the new release of Whimsical paper pack. It is real fairy tale patterns. So practical. you can use it for Easter, for Children theme, Bdays, spring etc...

Look at that:
Including Cardstock of 2 colours that match perfectly with patterns, sentiments, and die cuts that are gorgeous.

See u soon with whole project

fredag 14 april 2017

Exploding box

Hello my friends

Today I am showing you a new project and it is an Exploding box/album.
In theend of thepost you can check out the video.
Here you can see the lock of the box.
I have used Femina paper pack for this project. The lock I decorated with few different patterns from the pack as a base and the Embellishments I used: Fabric Flowers - FL3001 and Fabric Flowers - FL5002.
Chipboards -  Flourish.

Here comes some of the details photos of the outside of the box
I used the Femina pattern for the houses. 
This side I designed and decorated with the die cuts from Femina. The are really cute.The grass Is made with help of Joys dies and the paper pattern is from Blush

Even here I used the die cuts from Femina. The flowers on the Hot air balloon I made from the sequins.
When you take off the lock, all the pages are falling out of the box. Inside it some surprises. 
some pockets for photos, some tags and much more. The thing you see in the middle is a glass bottle that I decorated with lace, pattern and some special words that symbolize the meaning of this box. 
This box I made for my best friend who is always there for me. She helps me with everything. She is really my hero. So I thought that Box/Album can be something special for her. The meaning of the box is that like once a month her family members will write some special note to each other, fold it and keep it in the box and in the end of the year they can sit together, read and feel the love of each other. The top of the bottle I decorated with Epoxy dots where I used die cut from Femina.
The details of the bottle  and the Album/box you can find in the end of the post where is the detailed Video.
Here is how the album looks from the bottom.

The Video check out here

Slider card with Blush pack

Hej guys
I would like to show a new card.

I will try to explain the process
1. You should  score as it shows  at step one. (this is the inside part of the card that  will be shown at the front).
2. You  cut the front part of the card and make a frame.

 3. As you see at the picture you glue the bottom part to the back side of the card, The pink beautiful part is the part you drag up to reveal the inside message.
4. I cut a small trim and glued on top. Just tiny detail.
5. you put the glue on the other border and you glue it on the top of the front frame.

Here you can see a close up for the decorations. I used many of the die cuts and I chalked the borders to give it more effect. I used Papericious Blending tool. The flowers, the butterflies and the pennant and much more die cuts you will fiend at the beautiful Blush paper pack. I had some Lace as well.
That how the card looks when you pool the heart up and reveal the message. The message comes as well from The Blush paper pack where it many beautiful sentiments. This message I decorated with some die cuts as well. Very fun to cut them and use differently. The girl is stamp from Hänglar and I colored it with distress markers and her clothes and the Heart I stamped on paper and glue with 3D pillows.

Here is the front of the card when it closed and the back side of the card where you can take out a tag and write more personal message.

News from Papericious

Hello crafties

I realllly excited to show  you the latest launch from Papericious.
It is amazing launch with such a rich verity  of products. And biggest happiness for me it is Mixed Media products. Please do check it out

1) LETS GO : Many people demanded a TRAVEL theme paper pack from us and here we came up with the answer. The pack has fresh color combo, has 30 sheets of 10 designs and has a cut and create sheet as well. Available in 12x12 and 6x6 size. MRP 520/-

2) FEMINA: This is a combination of all the things you asked me to bring in, some Watercolor, Foiling, Girlish paper pack. Yes, its our first FOILED paper pack with gold foil. It has 30 sheets of 10 designs and has a cut and create sheet as well. Available in 12x12 size only. MRP 520/-
3) WHIMSICAL: Now this is something I am excited about. Its a premium SPRING theme based paper pack. I have used some cute animals and some really beautiful flowers to make this set. The color combo is very calm, new and soothing. and this time I have added 2 colors CARD STOCK, 5 sheets of each so as to go in combination with your projects. Available in 12x12 and 6x6 size. MRP 700/-. This theme was suggested by ESHA MITTAL. Esha, thank you so much for the wonderful suggestion.

Time to reveal this month's CHIPPIES :

I have 5 new designs in Pattern theme. The patterns this time are very delicate, geometric and abstract style.  MRP 99/- per set.

We have added 2 new themes as well. MRP 200/- each set.

And we have really beautiful SPRING elements packed in a 6x6 size. Ideal for card making and scrapbooking. MRP 150/- each set.

Now its the new one. My own designed FABRIC FLOWERS. I am so excited to show you all these. 
MRP 110/-
MRP 140/-
MRP 220/-
MRP 220/-
MRP 190/-
MRP 150/-
MRP 180/-
MRP 110/-
Arent they just beautiful, I am sure you will love them a lot.
I have these pretty CUP SEQUINS to launch this time. They are available in a combo pack of 12 also and this time they are available in some cute jars so that they can be stored in a better way. MRP 50/- each color . MRP of combo pack (12 colors) is 500/-


I am in love with this MADE IN INDIA production. 

Available in 2 colors, black & white. Works like a primer on many surfaces and gives a nice smooth look. Very smooth and gives a beautiful texture. MRP 190/- each.
Here comes my beautiful bottles of SPRAY MISTS. I named it SPRITZ.
These colorful bottles are filled with watercolours in almost 12 shades. 50 ml bottles. New and fresh colors with a wide splash Locking spray so that it gives maximum coverage. MRP 200/- each.
Next are my favourite ACRYLIC COLORS. I am so happy to launch them. I always feel there is very less availability of nice acrylic paints which can work on all surfaces equally. So, I came up with this. These are 17 little tubes of beautiful, smooth and luscious colors available in 50 ml jars. They work on paper, wood and Fabric as well.
Available in sheen and non sheen colors.
MRP 150/- each
Gold, Silver and Copper are MRP 180/- each.
Here is the shade card for your reference.

Thank you for stopping bye. And don't forget to check out the new Papericious blog