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Easter slider card

Hey guys
Easter slider card is really fun to make. Here comes a tutorial.

You can check the VIDEO in the end of the post

I choose the Cardstock  for my background. the Whimsical paper pack including 2 gorgeous cardstock colours that matches the patterns.
I cut the CS size 26 cm x 17 cm.
I score at 12 cm, 24 cm just as you see on the picture. When I was done I glued the design paper on the part that will be front of my card.

I choosed this Stamp from Hänglar with my favorite Easter bunny and colored it with Distress markers. On the right you can see the die cuts from the Whimsical. I cut 2 pcs of the same die cut to make 3D design. After words I stamped happy Easter text.
Here you can see I tried to make it as if Bunny holding those beautiful flowers
I added some grass in few layers for the 3D design and cut this frame from the Whimsical. It comes few different postcards with different subjects. those you can cut and use as you wish.
Close up for the grass and the bunny.
Here I want to show you from the other side so you can see all those great layers and small details of die cuts. So cute.
Here I took trimmer and cut down a line . The line is about 12 cm long when it starts from about 3 cm on the top and 2 cm on the bottom. The you line up about 2 cm .
Then I had to make a "mechanism" to move the frame up.  So I took a slice of paper about 
2cm x 8 cm. On the top of the paper at the right end I used 3D pillow to fast the frame on. Flip over and put double side tape on the other side. This piece of paper slides in where we cut a slip so the 3D pillow shows on the front part of the card. Slide whole way down and 3D pillow just as close as it goes to the cutting line. Flip over and now you should glue the inside paper on the strip with double side tape. The paper in size of 11,4 cm x 16, 6 cm. I lined up with the top of the card. Now the paper can slide up and down to  show the secret message. O actually had the secret message at the bottom of the card since my Bunny was so big. Otherwise you can have the message on the inside paper that slides up and down. Free choice.
  Here is the strip so you can see from inside .
Here I punched the half circle  and then turn over the paper and punch same half circle on the other half... the back part of the card. Here you can see the glue on the left part that we scored before. So it is just to glue together and it will make the pocket.
 Here is the back of the card and I used the Sentiments from the Whimsical. and colored with copics and stamped  for some pattern.

The Front of the card 

 Here you can see the secret message when you pool the jute cord up.

The video you can check here
Thanks guys
See you later

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