fredag 14 april 2017

Exploding box

Hello my friends

Today I am showing you a new project and it is an Exploding box/album.
In theend of thepost you can check out the video.
Here you can see the lock of the box.
I have used Femina paper pack for this project. The lock I decorated with few different patterns from the pack as a base and the Embellishments I used: Fabric Flowers - FL3001 and Fabric Flowers - FL5002.
Chipboards -  Flourish.

Here comes some of the details photos of the outside of the box
I used the Femina pattern for the houses. 
This side I designed and decorated with the die cuts from Femina. The are really cute.The grass Is made with help of Joys dies and the paper pattern is from Blush

Even here I used the die cuts from Femina. The flowers on the Hot air balloon I made from the sequins.
When you take off the lock, all the pages are falling out of the box. Inside it some surprises. 
some pockets for photos, some tags and much more. The thing you see in the middle is a glass bottle that I decorated with lace, pattern and some special words that symbolize the meaning of this box. 
This box I made for my best friend who is always there for me. She helps me with everything. She is really my hero. So I thought that Box/Album can be something special for her. The meaning of the box is that like once a month her family members will write some special note to each other, fold it and keep it in the box and in the end of the year they can sit together, read and feel the love of each other. The top of the bottle I decorated with Epoxy dots where I used die cut from Femina.
The details of the bottle  and the Album/box you can find in the end of the post where is the detailed Video.
Here is how the album looks from the bottom.

The Video check out here

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