söndag 28 maj 2017

Bday card

Hello my friends. I made this card with inspiration from Dawn Gribbith.

I used Let`s go paper pack. It has a Travel theme. This card is for my Dad's birthday. He will receive a flight ticket from my family.

 I cut the strip 13,5 cm x 5,5 cm. and I scored at 1,5 cm as shown. I glued the smaller part to the back of the card and the wider part will be shown on the front and will be used as small pocket. 
For the paper be able to be stuck behind the pocket, i used a staple. It is important not to staple throw the front paper. Do cut the front paper shorter so you will have a space from the bottom  (about 1,5 cm).
Now it time to design the front of the card. I used a stamp with  suitable subject.
I wanted to have clean design so I used only three colors: white black and red.  This paper pack have great patterns!
That the front of the card. As you can see the front paper is stopped into the front pocket.  
The text is in Swedish and it says: Enjoy every minute.
When you take out the front paper, that what you see: Short message and I will put a note inside the pocket where it will be said : Ticket to Germany
Hope you like this card.
Hugs, DI

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